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Welcome to UniPet Group of Companies.

UniPet (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated in 1999 under the companies ordinance 1984.

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Unipet Turns 20.

Saturday,15 Dec, 2018

Two decades of Quality, Innovation & Excelle

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City & Guilds Accr

Saturday,30 Jun, 2018

We are proud to announce that personnel from our

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IKEA launches kitc

Monday,17 Jul, 2017

Click on the link below to read about how IKEA i

UniPet Group of Companies  'Our customers are our greatest Asset' 

80% of the purchasing decisions are made at the point of purchase, you can see why it's vital that your packaging has the visual impact it needs to catch the consumer's attention. A package ought to attract the consumer and should provide the necessary symbolic cues to differentiate the product from its competitors. In a retail outlet, the package serves as a final Sales Person.

We can help you capture the consumer's attention by providing you with a range of attractive packaging solutions.

Companies Under the UniPet umbrella.

UniPet (Pvt) Ltd

UniPet (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated in 1999 under the Company’s Ordinance of 1984. During the past 22 years UniPet has established itself as an innovative leader providing premium P.E.T packaging solutions to a variety of Industries. Throughout these years, our main priority has been to offer
the highest quality both in our products and services. This has been achieved by continuously improving our processes in manufacturing and management.

UniPet (Pvt) Ltd which started off with a single state of the art computerized plant with a bottle manufacturing capacity of 28,800 bottles/day ,through a continuous professional effort has grown into a plant consisting of the latest Japanese technology and using oil free European branded compressors necessary for all food grade applications is now capable of producing 650,000 bottles per day. These include bottles for numerous products most popularly categorized as (CSD) Carbonated Soft Drinks ,Juices (including non preservative semi hot fill technology), Squashes ,Cooking Oils, Pesticides and Chemicals.

In 2002 UniPet (Pvt) Ltd set up a Quality Control Lab where bottles undergo rigorous checks and tests such as the Burst Test where the bottle is pressurized up to 12-14 bar of pressure, the ASC Test for checking the strength of the petaloid base, the Preform Material Distribution Test and
the visual inspection of each and every finished product.

Brisk Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd

Established in 1984, Brisk Enterprises (Pvt ) Ltd provides premium metal packaging solutions to businesses. Throughout our priority has been to offer the highest quality both in our products and our service.
In order to ensure that we manufacture only the highest of quality products we use the best possible machines available in Pakistan , have employed the best technical personal and have a strict quality control department closely monitoring each and every product which comes off the assembly line.

Although Brisk Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd has the capability of producing any Tin container from 250 ml capacity to 20 liters, we specialize in providing solutions for packing highly volatile chemicals like Thinners, Lacquers, Hardner and Varnishes in a specially designed oblong can with no sealant to contaminate the product.

Brisk Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd has been supplying tin containers to ICI Ltd(now Akzo Nobel) for 24 years and we have been operating smoothly on a Just in Time (JIT) inventory system with ICI Ltd for nearly half a decade.

‘Just in Time (JIT) delivery is an  essential service offering that allows packaging material companies to deliver the quantities necessary to keep your business profitable’

This has been possible due to strictly maintaining appropriate minimum stock levels and employing special dedicated staff to allow round the clock transportation of goods. Our fleet is capable of delivering the quantities you need when you need them.

Our Long-Term business relationship with ICI Paints reflects our forward looking strategy of continuously improving customer value through improvements in productivity and service.
We have the :

  • Capacity to produce 3.6 Million Tin Containers annually.
  • Unique ability to perform Butterfly side seam welding on containers. A feature almost exclusive to imported cans.
  • Facility to offer high grade quality Acrylic based printing on cans ensuring a high gloss premium finish with improved scratch resistance.
  • Ability to shrink labels onto Tin Containers via a moving tunnel oven.

Mumtaz Tin Printing

Imperial Tin Printing

Mumtaz Tin and Imperial Tin Printers are a state of the art metal decorating press with two color Crabtree Marquess Plant with a latest energy friendly travelling oven drying system with fully automatic sheet feeding conveying, stacking and bundle turners to minimize human handling to give you the best results in food grade items.And is catering to the needs of leading national and multinational compnies across Pakistan

Currently we are catering to a wide range of leading Cooking oil and Paint industries nationwide.


  • State of the art computerized Crabtree Printing Process.
  • Dual color printing press
  • Automatic sheet feeding line
  • Auto stacker
  • Ability to offer high quality Acrylic based printing with a premium gloss finish for improved scratch resistance.   

Mumtaz Packages

Located in the Sundar Industrial Estate, Mumtaz Packages provides premium plastic packaging solutions to mostly paint and chemical manufacturing companies. We specialize in manufacturing 0.91 Ltr, 4 Ltr and 16 Ltr buckets.